Sanskrit Mantra Therapy and Ayurveda.

Sanskrit Mantra Therapy and Ayurveda-

What makes this ancient language so powerful is that it can transform even the direst situations with its positive suggestions? Even if you are depressed or ill, chanting a Sanskrit mantra or two can often make you feel better and boost your spirits. What’s more, when you chant certain Sanskrit mantras or some of its simple sounds, you can actually make your own healing mantra, with the power of your own mind! The power of positive thinking has often been touted as the secret key that opens the gateways to true health and well-being. Is it true?

Through my studies of the sanskrit language, which took the form of a lifelong dedication to learning the ancient language, I came to recognize a fact that has been denied by many proponents of the sacred art of mantra: mantra is not an end in itself. A mantra is only a tool for creating a connection to a higher power or to an inner source of knowledge and enlightenment. The true purpose of a mantra is to help you understand yourself better through self-examination. And this can be achieved through sanskrit studies and through the inspired use of the sanskrit language.


There is one aspect of mantra therapy that should be clear to anyone who is sincerely seeking to use the power of sanskrit for positive change in his or her life: the power of chanting. It is impossible to be truly healthy or fully aware of one’s self without chanting. Chanting in Sanskrit is not just a random process of memorizing a series of words. Instead, the sanskrit language invokes a deeply personal connection with the ancient and mysterious worlds of sound and harmony.


When I was in the early stages of my career as a health consultant, I had a client who was preparing for a liver transplant. She had been a heavy smoker, and her weight was declining steadily. I asked her what she thought could be done to address her current health issues. Without hesitation, she said that she needed to quit smoking. Before I had a chance to interject my own opinion, she blurted, “Oh, just add sanskrit words to my diet.”


My first reaction was to tell her no. After all, if health is an issue for me, then health must be an issue for her, too. However, I realized that her sanskrit approach to health had more to do with her inner values than with her current state of physical health. As a matter of fact, it was her deep commitment to using only sanskrit words that had brought her to a place where she was ready to make a lifetime commitment to yoga and Ayurveda health. I suggested that she research the healing mantras from ancient India and that we use a specially designed mantra for her at home every day.


I asked her if she knew of any VATA or khata doshas. (She did know of two). The word VATA simply means “life path,” but in sanskrit, it means “sacred space” or “stage.” The word that means “destiny” or “path.” Although the word that sounds metaphysical, the concept behind it is simple: by aligning your intentions, mind, body and spirit to one objective, you will achieve health.

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