How to get Sniper M-24, AWM Skin in Pubg Mobile.

Get Snipper M24 Gun Skin from this Method-

1. If you not updated your Pubg mobile game so please update it first.

2. You will see new match and map name – Infection Mode.

3. Challenge– complete 200 match in zombie mode, infection mode, EvoGround and last night.

4. When you complete your 200 match you will get a lucky crate in mail.

5. Open crate and you will get Snipper M24 Skin free.



AWM Sniper Skin –

1. First you confirm that you reached in Diamond tier.
2. If you reach in Diamond tier, complete your 5 match.
3. When you complete 5 match you will get it as a reward.

Claim it and enjoy.

You will also get Frame and other skin outfits in the diamond tier.

When you complete mission and reach crown , ace and up tier you will get best reward skin in Pubg mobile.

RP Level Reward-

In RP level 40 you will get dance emote.

When you reached level 50 you will get Parachute skin (white+blue design).

When you reached in level 60 Maximum you will get shotgun skin.

Victor Gun Skin –

If you want to get victor gun skin than you can collect it from event section.

First you collect compass which is three barient (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

When you get 6 silver compass you can redeem it from event to vector gun skin.

You can also redeem your bronze and gold compass to outfits and crates.

You can collect compass from many location in Erangal.

In only Erangal Map you can collect compass from 9 locations. You can collect 9 compass in single match so can redeem it in one day and claim your vector gun skin and other outfits reward.

If you purchased Royale elite pass so you will get many premium reward, emotes and SLR Sniper gun Skin.

If you face any problem to complete these missions write a comment we will help you and reply as soon as possible



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